MIC-Lipo Injections

EOWC provides MIC- Lipo injectables to help people with weight loss management. Here at EOWC Medical, we are all about providing treatments to our patients that help spur health in the body. That is exactly what MIC-Lipo does. It is not a magic injection that will dissolve fat without any assistance. However, it does help boost the metabolism and give you a huge advantage in losing weight when it is paired with healthy eating and moving your body.


So how does it work? MIC is an abbreviation for three amino acids- methionine, inositol, and choline. Inositol helps the liver remove fatty deposits, and choline helps distribute cholesterol and prevent build-up. Lastly, methionine is similar to inositol, but when they are combined, it is even more effective. In essence, whenever these are injected into the body, it helps boost the metabolism to process food correctly and more efficiently. In addition, it helps the body burn fat better. When partnered with a balanced diet and exercise, it can make all of the difference.

Why Choose MIC-Lipo?

Many people have tried diet and exercise programs and aren’t seeing the desired results. Our liver and metabolism have a huge role to play in weight loss. In addition, it isn’t healthy or helpful for the body to go on extreme caloric deficit diets or intensive workout plans that are just wearing you out and leaving you with no energy. If your body isn’t metabolizing fat correctly, even when you take significant measures to lose weight, it won’t make a huge difference. This can lead to giving up or extreme unhealthy weight loss habits. This is where MIC-Lipo can help. Here at EOWC Medical, we can get you on a treatment plan with MIC-Lipo injections, as well as give you advice on how to have a healthy lifestyle that works for you. These two partnered together will lead you to achieve the health and weight loss goals you desire.

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with EOWC

We understand how frustrating weight loss journeys can be. Due to many contributing factors, our bodies don’t always lose weight as they should. Things like hormones, food quality, and family history can affect weight loss in a real way. Often, there are too many factors for an individual to try and tackle. Many times, these factors are out of our control. That is why MIC-Lipo is so effective because it goes right to the source. The amino acids help the metabolism to accelerate fat burning. MIC-Lipo does require injections every few weeks. Consistency is key. However, it is well worth it, and can be a really great tool to help you through your weight loss and weight management journey. We will partner with you and help devise a plan to accelerate your weight loss journey. If you are looking to lose or manage your weight, give us a call. MIC-Lipo treatments might be exactly what you need. We would love to help you reach your weight goals.